BUFFALO, N.Y. -- After five days of watching from afar — through television sets, social media posts,and newspaper accounts — a moment for community members to pause and honor officer Craig Lehner.

"I'm deeply saddened for their loss," said East Aurora resident Michael Tedesco

Tedesco waited near Broderick Park to see if he could catch a glimpse of the procession that escorted Lehner to ECMC. It was a chance to honor not just the lost officer, but also those who came from near and far to help bring him home.

"They did a tremendous job with the search and rescue looking for the officer, and with our community, the City of Good Neighbors in Buffalo, New York; it's greatly appreciated," Teedesco said.

"It was really, really sad and difficult to watch," said Buffalo resident Wakisha Miller.

As night fell, a sign of thanks.

"I want folks to change their porch lights blue, or either grab a blue candle, blue Christmas lights, and just light up your house," said Buffalo resident Amberr Scritchfield.

"They say it's a small way to show appreciation for the officer who gave so much," said Buffalo resident Brenda Scritchfield.