BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Logan Mott, a Florida teenager accused of murdering his grandmother, fleeing Jacksonville before eventually getting apprehended on the Peace Bridge, shuffled Wednesday into a Buffalo courtroom wearing tan dress pants and a blue shirt.

The 15-year-old Mott awaits extradition, but his mother, who lives in Missouri and was in the courtroom, maintains her son is innocent.

"She’s obviously very upset by all of this,” said Dominic Saraceno, his defense attorney. “She’s just torn apart. She's just confident that her child could not be responsible for his grandmother’s death.

Mott and his grandmother, Kristina French, were supposed to pick up Mott's father from a Jacksonville airport on November 22. Mott's father, a lieutenant with the Sheriff's Department in Jacksonville, has custody of the teen.

Mott and his 53-year-old grandmother would never showed up and prosecutors say when his dad got home, the house was in disarray and his guns were missing. On Thanksgiving Day, French's body was found in a shallow grave. Prosecutors say she had been shot several times and stabbed.

Meantime, Mott was on the road, heading to Canada. He would eventually be pulled over by customs and border patrol agents after making an illegal U-turn on the bridge between Buffalo and Fort Erie. Prosecutors say agents found the missing guns and a bloody knife.

Erie County District Attorney John Flynn explains the court appearance was really about fighting the warrant out of Florida for the teen's arrest for murder.

"The individual waives the hearing and consents and goes back to Florida," Flynn said. "That's option number one. Option number two is the individual says, I'm not the one who's listed on that warrant and I don't want to go back to Florida."

Saraceno asked for a 48 hour adjournment to weight those options. If he and Mott chose to waive the hearing, Florida authorities have 10 days to get the teen. If Mott doesn't consent, New York's governor will sign a warrant and then send it to the governor of Florida, who will then sign it.

Either way Mott will end up back in the Sunshine State. Flynn says it's a delay tactic for the defense to get its case together.

Until Mott is back in court Friday at 9:30 a.m., he remains at the East Ferry Juvenile Detention Center.