BUFFALO, N.Y. — The list of clientele for Buffalo-based CoachMePlus is a who's who of the sports world.

“You kind of pinch yourself at times and think to yourself ‘Sidney Crosby is actually logging into my app and doing our workout,’” said the company’s Co-Founder and President Kevin Dawidowicz.

The Pittsburgh Penguins. Notre Dame football. The Bills and the Sabres. Just a few examples of the dozens of professional and college organizations using the CoachMePlus app. Even the U.S. Navy has picked up the sports science biometrics program.

“The best teams and the best organizations continue to try to find the edge to maintain it,” Dawidowicz said. “And in our system, we're able to help them continue to maintain that edge.”

Dawidowicz grew up in Buffalo, and started the business there some 15 years ago, originally making workout videos for the Sabres on CD-ROM.

As technology has evolved, so has their product. They developed an online platform—and now an app—allowing teams to give individual workout plans at the touch of a finger. It also keeps track of weight loss, nutrition, hydration, heart rate and many other metrics that go into helping high-end athletes perform at their peak.

“This technology, with the age of these guys now, they're great on phones and great on iPads, so they really understand this stuff and really look forward to it,” said Eric Ciano, Bills head strength and conditioning coach.

The Bills have been on board for several years, using the software in a variety of ways in and out of the season to keep players in tip-top condition.

“The guys are doing a much better job of coming back here to Buffalo [from the offseason] in better shape because they're following our program,” Ciano said. “They understand what they're doing, because the videos are involved and the exercise and it's individualized to that person and not just a group workout.”

Initially tailored to the elite, CoachMePlus is now available to the everyday athlete through personal trainers.

Discover Fitness Redefined in Clarence is owned by Dawidowicz’s childhood friend, Joey Wroblewski. He began introducing the program to clients about three months ago and has found success with people who travel but still want to work out while away from his gym.

“They’re working out more,” Wroblewski said. “They're getting better results, keeping their weight down, losing weight if that's their goal and getting stronger.”

CoachMePlus won $250,000 in 2015 from 43North, the state-sponsored competition for start-up businesses. That has helped the company expand and blossom, while its roots remain based in ideas and people in Western New York.

“Being able to grow a team here is better than anything,” Dawidowicz said. “Everybody here is from Buffalo. All of our developers, all of our sales staff. It's a homegrown organization and we hope to continue to grow from here.”