KINSTON, N.C. – A second man was arrested in connection with a dog fighting operation at a Kinston home.

Police charged 43-year-old Juan Derico Rufus Tuesday and 48-year-old Hal Tyler, Jr. on Saturday with felony dog fighting.

On Sherman Street, officers say several people ran into the woods, away from the residence. They say they saw a wood fighting ring with two badly hurt dogs. One dog needed 48 staples to the face and neck area. The other dog was released to the Lenoir County SCPA. Authorities say both dogs as expected to make a full recovery.

Additionally, three other dogs were taken from the home. Although they appear to not have been injured, they are being held for safe-keeping.

The men are both in jail, Rufus under a $10,000 secured bond and Tyler under a $15,000 secured bond.