ALEXANDER, N.Y. -- A New York teen is looking to toast the competition with a new invention.

Andrew Young Jr., a student at the Alexander Central School District, came up with the invention he calls "Toaster Shooter."

It's a toaster that sits at a slight angle and shoots the bread into the air and onto your plate. This way, eager toast eaters don't have to touch the hot toaster.

The 14-year-old says the idea came about when he saw his grandmother burn her fingers. 

Young's invention is one of five selected from nearly 13,000 other submissions in a nationwide contest called "Dreamvention." The winner will receive $250,000.

The way Young's parents found out about the idea was quite the surprise.

"A guy from Texas was calling him on his cell phone, that's how we found out," said the young inventor's father, Andrew Young Sr. "Then of course I asked him what it was and he said he had entered an invention contest. I said 'Where did you see it?' He said 'I saw this contest on Ellen.' I'm like 'Oh, Ellen, huh? You really watch Ellen?'"

The last day to vote for the Toaster Shooter is November 27th.

To learn more about Young's invention and how to vote, visit this website.