In the game of football, it's easy to see the brawns. But the brains are just as big of a part.

That combination is proving to be a winner for the Baldwinsville Bees and senior quarterback Ben Dwyer.

"He's been a coach on the field," said Baldwinsville head coach Carl Sanfilippo. "He runs the show. He corrects me when I'm wrong. It's great to have a kid you can trust at the helm."

Dwyer's play has been critical in getting the Bees into the sectional semifinals. He's beaten opposing defenses through the air and on the ground. The Bees' offense has as many turnovers, three, as years that Dwyer has been starting at quarterback.

"I've been able to slow the game down for myself, go through the progression, and make keys so I can change the play on the line," Dwyer said.

And that's where the brains come back into play. Dwyer is also the senior class valedectorian.

"It definitely means a lot to me, especially my family, too," Dwyer said. "It's something they've always preached to me since a young age is that the school work comes first." 

Dwyer says that attitude is also supported by the coaching staff. Those coaches say Dwyer's mix of smarts and skills have been a progression that is now at its apex.

"Even the last three years with us as a quarterback, he's calm now," Sanfilippo said. "You start as a sophomore and you get a little bit of jitters and nervousness, you can see now he takes control. Last week we had injuries and we rode him hard."

And that will continue as long as their season does. Because for all of Dwyer's progression in the last three years, he hopes there's still a little ways to go.

"Definitely sad seeing it come to an end, but we're just going to drag this out as long as we can," Dwyer said. "Hopefully [we] get that championship. A lot of these guys on the team have been waiting for a long time."