NEW WINDSOR, N.Y. -- Juan Pablo Marcos has been an employee at Verla International for about a month, and he wasn't ready for what happened at work Monday.  

"I saw all the people coming out from all the different areas running out, and then I saw the smoke coming out, black smoke, so everybody, we started getting out from the factory," Marcos said. "And then after we get out, we hear another second explosion, but it was a big one. " 

County fire officials say more than 120 firefighters responded to Verla International, which makes cosmetics like nail polish and perfume. As crews continue to fight the fire, the DEC is monitoring the local water and air quality to make sure that none of the chemicals from the building run off into the surrounding area.

"We've got canisters on the way which will be deployed over the next 24 hours to constantly grab the air emissions," said NYSDEC Commissioner Basil Seggos. "That will give us a picture of what's in the air. On the water, we have teams right now down behind the facility intercepting some of the runnoff that came from the water that was being dropped on the building and anything that might have been stored in the building." 

Seven Newburgh firefighters were hurt in the second explosion. More than 30 employees have been hurt, all with non-life-threatening injuries, and one employee is unaccounted for. 

"We're currently trying to locate family members of this unaccounted person, so we're actively at this moment to try and determine where he is," said New Windsor Police Chief Richard Hovey.

Orange County leaders do not believe this is a hazmat threat, and have lifted an earlier shelter in place order for those near the building.