The weather should not be a concern for Thanksgiving travel around the Carolinas this week.  The only chance for rain before the holiday will come in eastern parts of the state late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning.

If you're traveling outside of the Carolinas, the biggest weather concerns will be found in the Pacific Northwest. 

A deep feed of moisture originating from around Hawaii will bring as much as 6 to 12 inches of rain this week from northern California to coastal Oregon and Washington.  


In addition to the rain, mountainous regions of the northwest above 6000 or 7000 feet could see heavy snow at times this week.  

In other parts of the country, lake effect snow could slow travel around sections of the Great Lakes, but should not cause major problems.  Parts of upstate New York north of Syracuse and near the Adirondacks could see two to four inches of snow Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

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