A city council subcommittee on Tuesday approved some revisions to a controversial development proposal in Brooklyn.

The plan calls for the long-vacant Bedford Union Armory in Crown Heights to be turned into a mixed-use complex that will include 400 rental units. 250 of those will be for families below the area's median income.

Ten percent of the units will be for previously-homeless families.

The original plan called for some luxury condos, but that was scrapped.

City Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo called it a win for the neighborhood, but others said there should be more affordable units.

"I'm proud that — through my negotiations and being able to keep the negotiation process open vs. killing the deal outright, along with community pressure and the support of my local elected colleagues — we were able to take 48 luxury condominiums out of the deal."

"Laurie Cumbo, who is the councilperson, pledged in her campaign, 'I will never go for this deal unless it's 100 percent affordable,'" said Bertha Lewis of the group New York Communities for Change. "And here we are."

The plan also includes a sports and recreational center. Office space will also be available to non-profits for $6 a square foot.

The plan will go before a full city council vote.