NORTH LAWRENCE, N.Y. -- Building trust with animals is part of the daily labor at A Little Bit of Heaven, along with feeding, housing, cleaning up after them and treating any health issues. Founder Anne Woods says it all gets pretty expensive for the non-profit, especially when they are caring for about 140 more animals than they normally do.

The organization is caring for 159 animals seized after an animal cruelty case last March in the town of Watertown. The trial has been stalled and the organization will have to care for the animals through the winter. 

A Little Bit of Heaven isn't used to the demands, and taking on animals affected by this case was a first. In order to meet the needs of the animals, the organization is hoping for help from the public.

"Even the smallest amount helps these animals and not just the animals that are here. We are trying to assist with the ones out in foster care that are incurring expenses as well," said Woods.

A Little Bit of Heaven is accepting donations and promises to offer updates on Facebook.