ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Bikers from all over remembered their fallen brother, Onaje O'Mally, with a memorial bike ride Wednesday night.

“It strengthens my commitment and understanding of who and what he was,” said Onaje's father, Hubert O'Mally.

The ride began at the Fast Track gas station on Ridge Road and ended just yards away from where the 33-year-old was killed Tuesday night.

“I couldn’t say another word. I sat there for two hours and cried,” said Onaje's uncle, Winston Laidley.

According to Rochester police, Onaje was riding his motorcycle near Lake and Lexington Avenue when he hit a Dodge Charger. He later died at the hospital.

“I tried to get him off the motorcycle, but you know what I had to accept his spirit. That's who he was,” said Hubert.

Friends and family left candles in memory of the beloved biker, son, and family man's legacy. The person they remember as a friendly giant that is known for his big hugs and big heart.

“The word everybody uses is the guy was the best man they know,” said O'Mally.

Another memorial has been set for December 9.

“He's such a genuine kid that I know he`s going to be missed for a long long time,” said Laidley.