NORTH CAROLINA -- Looking for love but have high standards?

If so, you may be a suitable candidate for a new dating app.

The app, called “The League,” was recently introduced to a limited group in both Raleigh and Charlotte, and is catering to “highly ambitious individuals” seeking someone with similar education level, ambitions and attractiveness.

The League is now in 27 cities, total. It launched to the “Founding Class” in Raleigh and Charlotte on Nov. 6.

But joining may not be as easy as it seems. The app requires membership, and according to data released on The League’s website, those working for the app are highly selective with which people are accepted.

Out of 2,582 applicants in Charlotte, only 516 were selected to join, which is only about 20 percent. In Charlotte, it was a similar story. Only 20 percent were accepted out of 2,524 applicants. (see below)

Applicants’ college, employer, salary and neighborhood are all taken into account for membership.

Additionally, applicants must pay a $200 membership fee for full benefits and must provide Facebook profile information as well as a LinkedIn page.

Perks to membership include:

-VIP passes to give friends priority for membership

-A personal concierge or “wingman”

-League events and League groups

Still appeal to you? For more information, visit The League's website.

Credit: The League
Credit: The League