When it comes to reporting, S.I. Newhouse Broadcast & Digital Journalism Chair Chris Tuohey says "credibility is your currency."

It's an issue that has come up again, after NBC News announced that "Today" anchor Matt Lauer has been terminated following a sexual harassment allegation.

Tuohey says morning show anchors are typically are able to show their personality to viewers, as they report a mix of news and entertainment. And some viewers form a strong connection to those they watch on the big screen. It was a little more than a week ago that CBS This Morning anchor Charlie Rose was fired for sexual misconduct issues.

Tuohey says something like this can have a "ripple effect." 

"It has implications beyond the individual's career that's going to take a hit, but people may think, 'maybe I don't trust NBC anymore. Maybe I don't trust anyone on TV anymore,' " said Tuohey.