ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- The man behind the success of Rochester Institute of Technology's diving team has a story that has inspired millions.

RIT Diving Coach, Cliff Devries has been paralyzed on his right side for half of his life.

“I was paralyzed on my right side back in 1995 after cancer,” said Devries.

With the help of fellow divers, Cliff takes a birthday dive into the pool each year.

“When you get out to the end of the board, it's really bouncy. Even the smallest motion will get things moving and leave me without balance,” added Devries. 

This year marked the former All American`s tenth year jumping off a 3 meter diving board. The video of the dive went viral with more than 60 million views. His passion and dedication comes as motivation for so many.

“It`s inspirational. It really makes you think that if he could do this, what`s holding you back from doing whatever?” said diving team captain, Ben Hamilton.

Devries plans to continue his birthday tradition.

“Every year, I`ll just keep going back up and doing it,” said Devries. It`s great to get back in the water, and diving is something I`ve always loved.”