A lot of snow will soon fall on the city of Watertown. The city could see 12 to 18 inches on Friday.

But that doesn't phase some in the North Country, even if it's their first lake effect snow. 

Some residents made sure they ran their errands before the snow flies.

"I get groceries that I need so I won't have to go out there," said Watertown resident William Presley. 

And traveling through the snow is often at the top of people's minds. For some, it's not an easy task. 

"It's hard because a lot of people don't shovel the sidewalks around here," said Presley. 

One group that's been busy planning ahead is Watertown's Department of Public Works. 

"Just making sure everything is ready to go and making sure we have everything in stock salt-wise," said Frank Pettey, the city's sewer and street supervisor.

Crews are coating the streets in brine water to make the snow easier to plow as it begins to accumulate. 

With snow in the forecast, it's a good time to remember Watertown's snow and parking restrictions. If you're removing snow from a private property, make sure you're not moving it into the street where you could obstruct traffic. And as for parking, remember that between the hours of 2 a.m. and 6 a.m., you cannot park on any city street. Most importantly, stay safe while you're traveling.