WILMINGTON -- The small business community is thriving in Wilmington.

Wednesday, the Chamber of Commerce released the annual regional economic scorecard. Wilmington ranks 98 out of 125 on the index scale for entrepreneurial environment, with Raleigh close behind at 95. The national average is 100.

But, there is some concern when it comes to higher paying positions. Wilmington ranks at only 60 out of 200 for innovative activity. In comparison, Raleigh comes in at 188. Those include fields like science, technology and engineering.

“I don’t think it's a story as much of one company as it is small shifts at a lot of companies and an overall change in the economy moving towards a tourism based economy and service workers. The downside is some of those jobs just don’t pay all that well,” said Dr. Adam Jones, UNCW.

When it comes to quality of place, Wilmington ranks at 115. Raleigh came in at 98.