If you're planning to have your packages delivered this holiday season, the Auburn Police Department is urging you to take precautions.

Auburn Police Chief Shawn Butler says that, on Monday, a package was reported stolen on the west end of town. He says there are ways to reduce your risk.

Butler says if you have a close neighbor who you know will be home, schedule delivery there. You can also request to have a package dropped off in a screen or storm door. He adds that there are also systems you can buy that notify your phone when your doorbell is rung so you know when a package was delivered. Or you can schedule a pick up.

"Is it always convenient? No. But you know, you have to think 'is it worth it?' " Butler said. "Now this person has to go get a hold of a company, get a hold of the delivery company, now they're out their package and a lot of time and inconvenience."