DURHAM -- This missing dog story has a happy ending.

Karen Jenkins has now been reunited with both of her Yorkshire Terriers after a burglar broke in her home and stole them on Thanksgiving.

The first dog, Promise, was found a week ago, but Jenkins was still searching for her second dog, Chaddy, until Wednesday. That's when she says a person in Henderson saw a picture of Chaddy and recognized him as a dog they recently bought.

"She sent a picture and I just went bananas and said 'Oh my God, it's Chaddy!'" said Jenkins. "I could tell because his tongue hangs out of his side."

Jenkins has not let the dogs out of her sight since they were returned and says both promise and Chaddy are in good spirits.

"It’s like nothing happened," said Jenkins. "They came home and acted like themselves. They weren’t traumatized, they weren’t frightened, and they’re eating normal.” 

The culprit still has not been found.