JOHNSTON COUNTY, N.C. -- The woman who was accused in 2016 of hiding infant remains under her house pled guilty in a Johnston County court on Thursday.

Bridgette Smith, 42, gave birth in the bathroom of her family's Smithfield home and hid the fetal remains, which were estimated to be 36 and 42 weeks into development, in trash bags under the house.

Smith says the children were born separately, one up to five years ago and the other three years ago. She claims both were still-born.

But Johnston Count Assistant DA, Kelly Sanding, isn't so sure that was the case. “They could not determine if this infant was born alive," says Sanding. "However, once again, they did see a neo-natal line on the crime area and, according to the report, the neonatal line is a finding associated with a live birth.” 

The prosecution says Smith came to the police department in April 2016 and denied that the infant remains were hers. She did, however, consent to a cheek swabbing that confirmed in February 2017 that she was the mother.

Authorities arrested Smith in June after a search found her living in Florida. 

Smith will spend up to a year in jail for two counts of concealing or failing to report a death.