Governor Andrew Cuomo, in two separate venues on Thursday, railed against a Republican-backed tax bill that was approved in the House of Representatives, accusing the GOP lawmakers from New York who voted for it of betraying their constituents.

“It’s treasonous,” Cuomo said in Sullivan County. “It’s modern-day Benedict Arnold.”

Cuomo has blasted the tax plan for the last several weeks over the plans to eliminate and limit the state and local deduction of taxes, or SALT. The House bill approved earlier in the day limits the deduction of property taxes to $10,000 and the mortgage interest rate deduction to $500,000.

Cuomo has said the entire state will ultimately be harmed, not just high-tax, expensive areas of New York.

Cuomo praised Rep. Peter King for voting against the bill, but also criticized Rep. John Faso, another no vote. Cuomo said Faso should have sought to block the bill or declare “I’m out” — either leave Congress or the Republican Party.

Later in the day in Nassau County on Long Island, Cuomo continued to criticized the vote.

“They call it a tax cut. It is a tax cut for wealthy corporations,” Cuomo said. “It is going to devastate the families in New York state.”

In that gaggle with reporters, Cuomo criticized lawmakers for a “betrayal” and said the tax bill was targeted at Blue States like California and New York.

“This was a betrayal of the people who elected them because this will hurt their constituents,” he said. “They actually voted against the interests of their own constituents. There was no justification why they targeted New York.”

Republican Rep. Claudia Tenney, who voted for the bill, said in a statement the legislation approved Thursday did include key changes she had sought. She blamed Albany, and Cuomo, for the state’s tax troubles.

“I advocated so strongly for the SALT deduction because it shields New Yorkers from the oppressive burden Albany places on our taxpayers,” she said. “Albany politicians have zero respect for the taxpayers. Governor Cuomo and liberals in the Assembly continue to increase our bloated budget while hiking taxes on hardworking New Yorkers. Their harmful habits will never change.”