CHARLOTTE -- Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton says he is considering a protest when the team takes the field this weekend in New England.

It’s latest chapter in a back and forth between President Trump and the NFL.

In the past, we have seen Newton give short answers and play a cat and mouse game with reporters.

But on Wednesday, however, he spoke on the "kneeling in protest" controversy for about 10 minutes.

Newton's comments are a hot topic in the NFL right now.

He says the discussion about protesting during the National Anthem first came up last Saturday night during a team meeting, but by that point he says his head was too far in the upcoming game against the Saints, and he didn't want to just protest without a reason.

We eventually saw Julius Peppers stay in the locker room in protest of the president's tweets.

Fast forward to today, Cam says team members met with owner Jerry Richardson who wanted to give the team time to express their views. Newton says it was a quote "very productive" meeting, and that he is now considering a protest this weekend.

"We have an obligation on Sundays to do our job but at the end of the day this is just no Sunday thing, this is something that has been an issue in this country for years and years and years...and it just has to be an everyday thing, that's what we have to make people aware, it's not just about the National Anthem on Sundays"

Newton said he feels if players choose to protest owner Jerry Richardson and Coach Ron Rivera will support them, but he says they were also warned they may suffer backlash if they do.