LANCASTER, N.Y. — There was a boisterous crowd awaiting Vice President Mike Pence as he arrived at Salvatore’s Italian Gardens late Tuesday morning.

Multiple groups gathered on a sidewalk outside the restaurant to protest Pence, Rep. Chris Collins and what they feel is a lack of representation for their concerns.

“Someone who didn’t serve their country until now and is making a mockery of it and waving the flag is totally disrespectful to the office he holds and to our country,” said Diana Patton, a disabled transgendered veteran. "He's very outspoken about what the LGBT community deserves as rights, which is nothing. He wants to put religious rights in place, which is already protected by the constitution." 

The New York Nurses Association was on hand to throw support behind the Affordable Care Act.

"It not affect Mike Pence's family but if it was his mother who had a pre-existing condition, and was unable to get health insurance, would he feel the same way? Would it still be the same situation where they think it's a great thing to take it away," asked Rachel Larkin, spokesperson for the New York State Nurses Association.

Pence wasn't the crowds only focus. Demonstrators also targeted Republican Congressman Chris Collins, a long-time supporter of President Trump and Pence who protesters say has ignored the residents in his district.