HIGH POINT - The City of High Point has three strategic goals.

"The goals are reducing blight, increasing the millennial base by 25-percent, and the catalyst project for downtown,” said the Director of Sales and Marketing for the High Point Convention and Visitors Bureau Nancy Bowman.

During a meeting, Tuesday, city officials gave community members an update on those areas of improvement starting with the reduction of blight.

"We are doing a lot of demolition, one of the things council did in 2016 was they tripled the number of code enforcement officers so that gave us the ability to really aggressively go out and do a lot of needed code enforcement," said Community Development Director Mike McNair.

A big portion of the meeting was a panel discussion featuring millennials.

"We want to get the discussion going on what makes them choose their place to live, work, and play," said Bowman.  

Panelists, like Clint Bowman, said, "Recreational activities really bring in young professionals."

The panelists said they'd also like to see the city become more walkable.

"Creating that ability for people to come downtown and to go see live events and then be able to walk to a restaurant and then afterward go out and grab a drink all without moving your car,” said Clint.

Jordan Lessard, another panelist, said the city's catalyst project, which is the stadium, is a move in the right direction.

"Millennials really enjoy a place where they can socialize and they won't get offended if there is a game happening at the same time; i think that really captures what young professionals want which is some place we can connect with one another, network to an extent and build relationships," said Lessard.