Their first date was a superhero movie.

What You Need To Know

They got engaged at a Comic-con.

And now, they are waiting for the global pandemic to pass to have their dream wedding.

John Chambrone and Richard Owen planned to wed on their one-year anniversary in mid-May.

Chambrone caused a stir at a Chicago Comic-con in October when he prosposed in front of Captain America movie star Brie Larson.

But by mid-March the Tampa couple knew it was going to have to wait.

They don’t want to get married without their friends and family.

“But I think the whole corona thing, it sucks, And I mean, you know, if I'm going to have to postpone my wedding because of it, I'd rather just be alive and spend these days with you than not,” said Chambrone, looking to Owen. “So it's all about priorities I guess.”

Now their wedding may or may not involve marvel costuming.

Chambrone says he was drawn to super heros as a young gay child - because they overcome great struggles for justice.