With changes coming to Phase 4 just days before some regions enter it, Madison County Chairman John Becker is expressing frustration with the state.

Becker says gyms, malls, movie theaters, and schools are ready to move forward with their safety plans.


What You Need To Know

  • Phase 4 of state's re-opening plan is set for Friday

  • Cuomo administration pulled gyms, malls, movie theaters from beginning of Phase 4

  • Madison County Chairman, in response, to stop participation in state daily control calls


He also feels that state leaders were misleading about the number of phases. Now he wants to withdraw from the daily control room calls with state representatives, saying they've recently become a "waste of time."

"We have good folks on the phone calls. We have excellent representatives from the state. Former mayor Matt Driscoll is on there as our point guy from the state,” Decker said. “I feel that they're getting frustrating, and when everybody gets frustrated on the phone call, the conversation really doesn't go any place, and is not productive."

The chairman does believe state representatives do listen during the calls.