CHARLOTTE, N.C. — One woman in Charlotte is trying to help educate people on how to properly sanitize surfaces.

Since the start of November, Tonnia Thomas has been teaching workshops on how to properly sanitize and kill SARS COV2. She is certified by the Global Biorisk Advisory council and is teaching the workshops through the nonprofit TWINS. The group supports training programs to help the unemployed, seniors, and small businesses.

“This came about because we have another environmental training program where we teach about hazardous waste and we started thinking a lot of those principles that we teach in that program also apply to biological hazards,” Thomas says.

Thomas taught a workshop to Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Darnita Samuels. She recently started seeing some of her clients in-person.
“I want to make sure I am doing my due diligence and sanitizing my office so people don’t get exposed,” Samuels says. “And for my clients, knowing that the office is as sanitized as possible can reduce anxiety.”

The workshops are free and usually held virtually. Thomas hopes they help those who normally couldn’t afford this service.

“We want to enable people to co-exist through this pandemic as safely as possible,” Thomas says.

The next workshops will be held April 8 and 22. The workshop is free, and you can sign up online.