Nearly all of New York's 19 million residents are eligible to sign up for a COVID-19 vaccine. 

There are now 15 million New Yorkers who are vaccine eligible, though making sure shots get into arms is a "logistical nightmare," Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday said. 

"It's a massive undertaking," he said. 

New York has expanded vaccine eligibility to include people age 50 and older, adding to the millions of New Yorkers who work in qualifying jobs like front-facing public workers, teachers, those with underlying health conditions, and people who work in the health care industry. 

All told, more than one million doses have been administered in the last week, and more than 14% of the state's population has completed the vaccine cycle. New York has been vaccinating people at a clip of more than 100,000 doses a day. 

Still, there are sectors of the economy that are yet to qualify, including agriculture workers and people who work in retail. President Joe Biden has set a May 1 goal for all U.S. residents to be vaccine eligible. 

Madison County officials on Wednesday announced they are establishing a "will call" list for those age 18 and older that will be contacted when there are extra doses or no shows for appointments.

Meanwhile, Cuomo is pushing vaccine access for communities of color after the pandemic impacted Black and Latino people disproportionately compared to the rest of New York's population. Recent data has shown Black and Latino New Yorkers have been less likely to be administered the vaccine. 

The state has opened and promoted pop-up vaccine sites in churches in cities around the state.