A Gloversville mother is accused of starving an infant.

Crystyl Mohrlock-Young, 29, is charged with endangering the welfare of a child. She's accused of intentionally denying food and water to her child.

Gloversville Police say that Mohrlock-Young's infant son was removed from her care in September after a complaint was made to Child Protective Services. 

Police say an investigation revealed that the woman intentionally failed to provide food to her son over the course of several months. 

"It's horrible," Scott said. "This year alone, we've had quite a few incidents with infants, with children who cannot speak for themselves or defend themselves, and are suffering tremendously."

Police say the child was found in such dire condition that he was admitted to the hospital and treated for malnutrition and dehydration. CPS case workers allegedly found unopened cans of formula in the home that the boy was removed from.

"When it's there for you and you just fail to act, to do that is deplorable," Scott said.

The child is now in temporary foster care. And Scott says he's thankful that action was taken quickly.

Mohrlock-Young was arraigned last night and due back in court on Monday. She's being held in Fulton County Jail on bail. Also worth noting: Mohrlock-Young does have two other children that are currently in the care of family.