CIRCLEVILLE, Ohio — Three weeks ago, President Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Circleville, which is part of Pickaway County, a Republican stronghold.

What You Need To Know

  • President Donald Trump made a campaign stop in Circleville three weeks ago. 20,000 residents in the county voted for the president compared to 7,000 who voted for Former Vice President Joe Biden

  • FOE 685 President says election results are worrisome for some due to the economy

  • Small-business worker would like to see focus be on COVID-19

With unofficial election results out now, FOE #685 President Steve Gaines says there are some community members that are worried.

“I have friends that really have concerns because they’re afraid of policy change. I have friends whose businesses are doing really well and they don’t want to see that change,” said Gaines.

Gaines says he is happy with the results, but understands why others in the area are not.

“Where we live, we have a lot of rural folks outside and around Circleville. Circleville is a very blue collar town. A lot of folks have their own businesses — they worry about small business, they work in factories.”

Jenny Rhoads works at a small business in the area, Uniquely Yours. She says things have been calm around Circleville since results were announced.

“I think there’s just a sense of peace right now and it was kind of a ghost town yesterday when everything happened. I don’t think anyone knew what to do,” said Rhoads.

While Rhoads does work at a small business that has been hit hard during the pandemic, getting COVID-19 under control is at the top of her mind.

“It was a great honor to have a sitting president come visit. I think the last one we had was Warren Harding, a long, long time ago. While it was an honor, I’m also concerned just for the people around us and making sure we all stay safe.”

Before the president's visit, Pickaway County had been seeing an average of eight COVID-19 cases a week. Seven days later, the case average jumped to more than 19.

"It would just be getting the pandemic figured out and then the economy. I think it’s going to bounce back. People want to go shopping. They want to support local, but they want to keep their families safe.”

In Pickaway County, more than 20,000 people voted for President Trump, while 7,000 voted for Former Vice President Joe Biden. Rhoads says so far she hasn’t felt any animosity in the area.

“People have a lot of differing opinions and in this community, I think we do a good job or honoring and respecting other people for how they feel.”