STATESVILLE, N.C. — Since March, the FDA has issued at least 145 warning letters for fraudulent coronavirus products. Everything from essential oils claiming to work the same as hand sanitizer, to holistic teas posing as an anti-COVID inoculant.

While many air purifiers like “Airbox”, built in Statesville, N.C., are certified to remove COVID-19 particles from the air, others are trying to take advantage of customers by selling uncertified purifiers with misleading advertising.

Airbox Co-owner Michail Moore worries some organizations may be using CARES Act government funds to buy counterfeit goods.

“It’s sort of upsetting to see them being misled into buying products that are not going to be providing safety for them,” Moore says.

The FDA says some of these products aren't just online, they've also made it to store shelves.

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